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Post Office at the Lodge

Date: January 22, 2018
Category: history

The Lodge at Wakulla Springs was home to the first post office in Wakulla County. It is at the end of our Soda Fountain and still holds a few of the original pieces of post office equipment such cancellation stamps and a postal scale.

It is no longer a post office, but instead has become the main bar at the Lodge, serving drinks for guests most nights. We also have a mobile bar that can be set up wherever your event is located on site.

Edward Ball, who built the Lodge, made sure there was a supply of alcohol at the Lodge during the time Wakulla was a dry county. He had a hidden liquor store room off his private suite (room 102) and he loved Old Forester bourbon. This may have been because he was a forester himself in his work for the Saint Joe Paper Company. It is said he liked a shot of Old Forester in a Ginger Yip (a milkshake-like soda fountain treat that we still make at the Lodge).