Post Office at the Lodge

The Lodge at Wakulla Springs was home to the first post office in Wakulla County. It is at the end of our Soda Fountain and still holds a few of the original pieces of post office equipment such cancellation stamps and a postal scale.

It is no longer a post office, but instead has become the main bar at the Lodge, serving drinks for guests most nights. We also have a mobile bar that can be set up wherever your event is located on site.

Edward Ball, who built the Lodge, made sure there was a supply of alcohol at the Lodge during the time Wakulla was a dry county. He had a hidden liquor store room off his private suite (room 102) and he loved Old Forester bourbon. This may have been because he was a forester himself in his work for the Saint Joe Paper Company. It is said he liked a shot of Old Forester in a Ginger Yip (a milkshake-like soda fountain treat that we still make at the Lodge).

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