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Category: history

WWII and the Lodge

During WWII, the Lodge provided a recreational venue for officers and men from Camp Gordon Johnston near Carrabelle. The Lodge provided housing for families of Camp Gordon Johnston’s officers and the spring provided the setting for a Grantland Rice Academy Award winning film. The US Military used the springs for amphibious landing training in preperation …

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The Hand Painted Ceiling

Ceiling In the face of a country’s lingering Depression in the mid 1930s and a looming war in Europe the decorated ceiling at Wakulla Springs Lodge is an outstanding emblem of the spirit of that decade. The ceiling icons represent a people who wanted to contribute their care, joy of life and inspiration through art. …

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Post Office at the Lodge

The Lodge at Wakulla Springs was home to the first post office in Wakulla County. It is at the end of our Soda Fountain and still holds a few of the original pieces of post office equipment such cancellation stamps and a postal scale. It is no longer a post office, but instead has become …

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Hollywood at the Lodge

Hollywood has visited the Lodge on many occasions. The beauty of its surroundings combined with the size and depth of the clear spring has let movie makers transform the Springs into the jungles of Africa or South America. The grand building of the Lodge itself has been used in films for staging film weddings. The …

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Fire at Wakulla Lodge

As the roof of the Wakulla Springs Lodge burns, firefighters arrive and go to work. There is furniture scattered along the grounds and more being lowered from the roof of the patio room. Soldiers assist in the efforts. Viewers see a fire truck at the water’s edge and sailors with fire hoses. There are views …

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Edward Ball

Edward Ball (businessman) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Edward Gresham Ball (March 21, 1888 – June 24, 1981) was an American businessperson. He was a powerful figure in business and politics in Florida for decades, despite the fact that he never held public office and did not own the assets he controlled. He worked for and with his …

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