ADA Compliance FAQS: Terrain

  • Sidewalks and pathways: What material are they made out of? Are they level? Any steep hills, bumps, rough areas?

    Main entrance door has walkway with pavers Right side entrance into lodge has slight incline for ramp – pathway made out of concrete.

  • Are all public areas accessible? By ramp? Are there any areas that can only be reached by stairs?

    Yes all areas accessible. Hiking trails would be the only area non accessible to the

  • Are all doors automatic?

    No doors are automatic onsite.

  • Handicap parking: How many spots are there? What is the distance to activities? Is the parking lot asphalt, concrete, gravel?

    Three at entry of Lodge – all within a couple feet from an entry point.

  • What flooring is in the building? Hardwood, tile, carpet?

    Marble with floor rugs.

  • Do you have any activities on the property?


ADA Compliance FAQS: Activites

  • Trails: Length? Hills? Any cracks or lips? Railings? Benches/sitting areas along the way? Any safety concerns?

    The Nature Trail in the main park provides up to 9 miles of easy to moderate hiking there are 5 entry points to this trail. Cherokee Sink Trail is 1.4 miles to Cherokee Sink, an 80-foot-deep sinkhole lake.

  • Docks: Are docks floating or fixed? Are there railings?

    Docks are fixed with railings.

  • Boat tours: Length? Shade? How much room for wheelchairs? Accessible for motorized scooters? What is the process of boarding the boat? How does water level affect boarding?

    45 minute boat tours. The boats are 30 feet long and have a roof. There are also wheelchair accessible boats available upon request. A manual wheelchair is also available for use upon request at the waterfront visitors center.

  • Kayak/canoe/paddleboard rental: What are the boarding conditions? Do you have a special ADA launch? Any help available?

    Bike rental – no special ADA accommodations.

  • Are there any non GSI operated activities on site? If so, are they accessible? Please direct us to where guests could get detailed information.

    State park run activities are posted
    at the front desk such as bike rides and tours of the lodge. Information is posted on our Facebook.

  • Do you have any type of lodging at your location?


ADA Compliance FAQS: Lodging

  • Are ADA rooms located on upper floors? If so, how do you plan to evacuate a wheelchair guest in case of an emergency?

    ADA rooms are on the second floor their are
    emergency exits down each hallways. Exits for emergency do involve steps.

  • Layout of accessible rooms: provide measurements of door frames, bed heights, sink heights, closet rod, shower, etc. How much maneuvering space is on each side of the bed? If easier to submit pic...

    Light switches are 3′ 10” off floor, entry and bathroom door is 32 in
    wide, three outlets (2) are 18” from floor, (1) is 16” from floor,  beds – floor to top of mattress is 28”, closet entry is 36” wide, closet has a shelf 4 ft from the ground to top shelf, between the two beds there is a 32 in space and between the walls and the bed there is a 11″ space.

  • Are doorways to and in accessible rooms automated, sliding, or have low-height handles?

    Handles are average height. Doors open to the interior of the rooms. Doors in the
    main lobby are no automated.

  • Is there a roll-in shower or bath? Does it have a chair or bench? If there a wall mounted seat or wheeled shower chair? Please specify which room numbers have which accommodations.

    Roll in shower with pull down bench in both ADA rooms.

  • What height is the wash basin and toilet seat at?

    Floor to bottom of sink is 28″
    from floor to top of lid 18″

  • Is there an emergency buzzer or intercom near the toilet seat and shower area?


  • Are there grab bars in the shower area and beside the toilet?

    Yes there are grab bars they are 36″ from floor.

  • Is the toiletries shelf and shower control in the shower area easily reachable from the shower seat?

    Yes they are located right above the sink next to the toilet.

  • Does the bathroom have a hand shower or a rain shower?

    Hand shower.

  • Are light switches and plug sockets at waist height?


  • Do you have any rooms that offer assistance for visual or hearing impaired? If not, do you offer any equipment that would assist these guests? Please specify what is available.

    Unfortunately, no.