Soda Fountain

Spring Shop: 9am – 6pm Daily

Seasonal hours: 05/25/23 – 09/04/23, 11am – 5pm Weds – Sun

Parlor: 9am – 6pm Daily

Seasonal hours: 05/25/23 – 09/04/23, 9am – 7pm Sun – Thurs and Fri & Sat 9am – 8pm

Edward Ball felt the Lodge should be part of the community, a place not only for wealthy visitors, but also for area residents. He designed a Soda Fountain/Gift Shop to be an integral part of the Lodge, given as much attention to detail as the Dining Room.

The Soda Fountain is known for its Root Beer Floats, Cherry Phosphates, Ginger Yips and Sundaes.You will still find trained soda jerks behind the counter serving guests these ice cream treats, plus traditional lunch counter food, such as hot dogs, chili, sandwiches and chips.

The classic counter is 70 feet six inches long, making it the longest marble soda fountain ever built. The front of the fountain was made of one piece of marble that was cut and book matched (the pieces were turned back to back) to make a symmetrical pattern at every joint. The top was cut into lengths for transport, and was put back in the order it came out of the ground so the grain of the marble matched.