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Category: hollywood

Newt Perry

Newt Perry was one of the pioneers of underwater video. He did a series of underwater novelty films at Wakulla Springs. These films were distributed as part of newsreels, shown at movie theaters across the country. This advertising brought awareness of the springs to the nation as a whole. Newt was responsible for bringing the …

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Filming Underwater at the Springs

This floating underwater filming platform is still on property near the Lodge by the Rangers station. It was used for filming the early Tarzan films at the Lodge, and several others. After it was retired from filming service, it was used for years as a viewing platform for guests. It was tethered off a dock …

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Airport 77

Airport ’77 is a 1977 disaster film and third film in the Airport franchise. The film stars a number of veteran actors, including Jack Lemmon, James Stewart, Joseph Cotten, and Olivia de Havilland. Like its predecessors, Airport ’77 was a box office hit earning $30 million, making the film the 19th highest-grossing picture of 1977. …

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Around the World Under the Sea

Around the World Under the Sea is a 1966 science fiction film directed by Andrew Marton and starring Lloyd Bridges, with Marshall Thompson, Shirley Eaton, Gary Merrill, and David McCallum. It follows the adventures of a crew of the deep-diving nuclear-powered civilian research submarine Hydronaut making a submerged circumnavigation of the world to plant monitoring …

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Creature from the Black Lagoon Released (March 5, 1954)

On March 5, 1954, Universal International Pictures released Creature from the Black Lagoon. The film’s plot centered around an Amazonian expedition gone awry when a scientific team encountered the mysterious “Gill Man.” The creature became enamored with a member of the team, played by Julie Adams, and kidnapped her after escaping from the scientists’ grasp. …

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Tarzan’s Secret Treasure It was December 1, 1941. In less than a week, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor would bring the United States fully into World War II, but for the moment American involvement was limited. Even as war preparations ramped up across the country, Americans attempted to remain calm and preserve a sense …

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